LEGO Clone Trooper Jumps!

Hi everyone! Here’s a short stop-motion animation that I made featuring my LEGO Clone Trooper as it learns how to jump:

As always, all was animated using Dragonframe Stop-Motion.

I used a rig that I made out of LEGO parts so I can elevate the mini-fig. I then used Photoshop to edit out the rig. However, I kept the latter part of the jump action un-edited so I can show how the rig was holding up the mini-fig.

There were minimal light flicker in this particular scene, which made me really happy. I think I might have found the optimal camera settings to help eliminate that darned flicker. It’s not completely perfect, but animating this particular scene did not took that much longer compared to my previous scenes where I really had to check frame-by-frame if I was having flicker.

More to come! Stay tuned and thanks for following along!


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