Bruder Toys Bworld Logistics Set Video Review.

This is the unboxing and video review of the Bworld Logistics Set made by Bruder Toys:

This has a model number of 62200.

It comes with a Bworld man, a pallet jack, two lattice boxes, five euro pallets, one box with a cover and a tiny blue cap for the Bworld man.

I had to repost this because somebody from Bruder Toys wrote to me on YouTube stating that I have to change my channel and social media names to non-trademarked names.

I had created a YouTube Channel with the title “The Adventures Of Bruder Man”. I also had a Twitter and Instagram account named “Bruder Man”. The intention was to make videos about Bruder Toys products such as unboxing and review videos.

As far as I can tell, I wasn’t using any trademark names from Bruder Toys! I am not sure if using the title “The Adventures of Bruder Man” was in any way infringing on their trademark.

I didn’t want to go through any hassle so I just decided to shut down that channel. It was not growing as much as I wanted anyway. However, I was a bit disappointed that a fan like me would be treated like that by the company whose product I am trying to promote.

Anyways, I will be re-posting the other video reviews from that channel to my regular Youtube Channel as a new playlist, so stay tuned!


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