Citizen Blue Angels World Chronograph A-T AT8020 Watch!

Unboxing and overview of my Citizen Blue Angels World Chronograph A-T AT8020 Watch:

I got this from Amazon.  I’ve been wanting a more premium quality watch.  I’ve only been wearing Casio G-Shocks and wanted something more substantial.

I also wanted something that does not need battery replacing.  Plus, I wanted one with a perpetual calendar so that I don’t have to adjust the date for months shorter than 31 days and leap years.

This watch fit the bill perfectly!  It’s an Eco-Drive watch, which means it is fuelled by light and needs no battery replacing.  It also has a perpetual calendar, which means no more fiddling with the date on the watch to adjust for the days as well as leap year.

One cool thing about this watch is that is “Radio Controlled”.  What that means is that it can receive a time signal from any of the five stations located in four regions around the world.  That signal adjusts the time and date on the clock automatically.

When I first opened the box and took out the watch, it automatically set the time by itself.  I can actually manually set the time by sending a radio request from the watch to those stations.  I don’t need to do it because the watch has the time and date set already.

Beautiful watch!  I am sure it will be my watch companion for years to come!

Thanks for following along!


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