BB-8 Time to Crack this Egg Open.

That invasive egg that’ been sleeping in BB-8’s bed is in for a lot of hurt:




I am now getting addicted to Instagram.  It’s the same feeling that I had when I was really into my Danbo Photography with Flickr.

I actually dismissed Instagram as something that’s only for those who like taking selfies.  It’s only later that I saw that there’s a large community of toy photographers there too, much like what Flickr had.

I also thought that I was done doing toy photography, but when this Sphero BB-8 came along, I found a new muse.

I actually am just planning on doing one photo of BB-8 a day, but a lot of ideas are rushing in and I want to put it out right away.  Hopefully my enthusiasmm for doing this will continue for a long time.


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