BB-8 : AT-AT Marking its Territory.

BB-8 not fast enough to avoid a very unfortunate situation!




This was very tricky to set up.  I was using some putty to modify the AT-AT’s pose and make it more natural, but the legs keep on popping off when I was doing the pose.  I used soy sauce for the “oil  spill” and when I dropped a tiny bit, it started spreading gradually, eventually oozing towards one of the AT-AT’s foot.  Very satisfied with how it turned out, though!


3 thoughts on “BB-8 : AT-AT Marking its Territory.

    1. Hi there! I sometimes try and move the head around until the gyro would let me pose BB-8 in a tilted manner. However, most of the time I just use sticky tacs/putty, which I attach to the ground and then attach BB-8 onto with. Hope that helps!

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