Rockin’ BB-8 to Sleep…

A couple of entertaining Stormtroopers is rocking BB-8 to sleep.




Those who follow me might recognize this re-hash idea, albeit with a different lighting and camera view set-up.  I do that sometimes when I run out of novel ideas or if I am too busy with my work at home.  It can be hard to pump out some really good ideas for a scene sometimes.






4 thoughts on “Rockin’ BB-8 to Sleep…

  1. That’s funny. I just put Starlord’s hair on a storm trooper the other day…
    Great concept! Really digging these.
    I’ve been sharing your posts with the Facebook group “Everything BB-8”.
    You should join and share them yourself I’m sure the group would love what you’re doing and you’ll get some good feedback…

    1. Haha! That’s awesome! I like being able to interchange the parts so the minifig takes on a different character. Thanks for the info about the Facebook page; I shall look into it.

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