BB-8 : Selfie with Friends gets Photobombed!

I never knew BB-8 can be such a photobomber!




These figures are from the LEGO Friends series.  I wonder how the image will fare on Instagram.  As of this writing, I have around 1390 followers.  As of late, most of my images are getting around 250 to 290 likes, some getting over the 300 mark.  Wierdly, likes are going down while my followers are going up, which makes me wonder.  Not that I care a lot about the likes on my images, but I just find it wierd that I have over a thousand followers, but only get around 200 to 250 likes.  In fact, yesterday’s post only got slighty over 200 likes, which makes me wonder if it depends on how good the image is.  Here’s yesterday’s post:



To be honest, I was not very confident that it will fare well, and somehow I was right and it indeed didn’t.  I always try to make the scene tell the story rather than relying on captions.  The above mentioned one, I had to put a caption just to reference to that dialogue Rey delivered in the movie, “I didn’t think there was this much green in the galaxy.:

Just some musings.  Talk to you all soon!


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