BB-8 : “What’s our next move, Captain?”

BB-8 has got the First Order Stormtroopers in a quandry during a game of Connect Four.




I am having a hard time again coming up with unique scene ideas.  The drop in Instagram likes that I wrote about yesterday is also adding a bit of pressure, which I am attributing to my total addiction to that photo sharing social networking site.  I have not missed posting a single image a day since I got BB-8 November 12 of last year but I am entertaining thoughts of taking a break from it once again, which I wrote about earlier.  However, keeping the streak alive seems to drive me to go on.

I might have to look at getting some new LEGO sets to have more fresh ideas, but that would be quite costly, even though the sets that I want to get are the small, affordable ones.  They do add up when you get many!

As of this writing, gout has stricken my right foot, so maybe my creativity is being muffled a bit by me trying to withstand the pain, especially since I use a stand-up desk at work.  Hopefully the gout will go away in a couple of days as I am taking some home remedy medication.

Until the next time then, talk to you all soon!


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