BB-8 : Freshly-Hatched R2-D2.

Which begs the question: do R2 units hatch from eggs?




Here’s a story of when good is not good enough.  I already had an image ready for upload to  present my newest LEGO Minifigure, the R2-D2 Minifig.  It was my very first R2_D2; previously you had to get a big LEGO set that came with one to get one.  Luckily there’s a LEGO set that is much smaller that has it, plus C-3PO even!

Here’s what I originally wanted to post:



It’s not bad; I actually liked it.  It features the escape pod too, which was part of the set I mentioned.  However, I find it a bit lame and lacking in punch.  I had to resort to a caption to explain what is happening in the scene.  So, right before uploading, I “hatched” a new idea, so to speak.  Out come the camera and viola, the final image.

When good is not good enough.  That happens a lot.

Until the next time, talk to you all soon!


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