BB-8 : Batman V Superman!

Cant’ you guys wait till the movie premieres?




As of this writing a new Superman movie, “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” is being premiered somewhere in the world.

Superman is not my most favourite character, though I do acknowledge his cultural significance in geekdom.  Batman used to be my favourite superhero, but he was recently relegated to second most favourite by Captain America.

I actually got the Superman LEGO Minifigure for free from a contest held by a fellow toy photographer on Instagram.  It actually came as a LEGO keychain, so I had to resort to some means to remove the chain.  Aside from a hole on the top of the head where the chain’s screw used to be, it is a regular LEGO Minifigure.  The legs are permanently attached, though, being that it will be hanging as a keychain, but otherwise it’s just like a regular Minifigure.

I was able to make Superman appear to float by using a makeship support out of LEGO parts and edited that out using Photoshop.  This scene could have looked even better in my mind, but for now it will do.

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!


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