BB-8 : Heavily Guarded.

“Since when did these Droids get their own Personal Bodyguards,” Captain Phasma asked.




I can’t say enough how great LEGO has been doing these days.  I read somewhere that they have passed MATTEL as the number one toy maker in the world.  I have been a huge LEGO fan since I was a kid and have always felt that they make the best quality product of toys.  I used to have a substantial collection of them when I was in my younger years and I would spend hours locked in my bedroom playing with them.  Whether it was role-playing or world-building or coming up with a creation of my own, LEGO provided fun, stoked my  imagination and lasted me years.

When I immigrated to Canada, it didn’t took me a long time to get some LEGO again to play with.  It was only these past couple of years that I started getting more and more sets. If not for my wife controlling my spending, I probably would have gotten so many already! Right now I am only aiming for the smaller, affordable sets.  I sometimes get a set based on what Minifigure it came with or what accessory I find may be useful for my toy photography.  I do want to get one of those LEGO Buildings, which are substantially huge sets with large brick parts count.  Maybe someday, when the wife allows it.

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!


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