BB-8 : X-Wing versus Tie Fighter.

It’s the Droids versus Captain Phasma with their respective Radio-Controlled X-Wing and Tie Fighter!




Those die-cast figures are made by Hot Wheels.  They were on sale at Walmart, so I grabbed a pair to use for this scene.  I used wires this time to suspend them in the air and then used Photoshop to remove the wire supports.

As of this writing, the “Likes” on the images that I post on Instagram have been going down, which makes me scratch my head considering I have over 1600 followers.  I gain a couple or more followers daily too.  I am not sure if it has to do with the recent rumoured update that Instagram was going to apply where it will only display the most popular images in everyone’s Instagram feed as opposed to the most recently posted one.

It sorts of bugs me because getting those “Likes” is what motivates me to do this thing.  Seeing that figure drop down makes me think that maybe folks are not enjoying what I have been posting recently.

Just my thoughts.  I better switch gears and think of doing this for myself instead of for other people so I won’t feel bad that way.

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!

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