BB-8 : Feisty Little LEGO BB-8.

Can’t mess around with this tiny Droid!




I am loving this tiny LEGO BB-8 Minifigure!  I actually can’t believe how tiny it was when I first had my hand on it!  I wrote in a previous post about how collectible this one is.

Here’s something that I have observed in Instagram that I would like to write about. Apparently, the least active days, at least for me when it comes to followers giving “Likes” to my photos, are on Mondays up to Wednesdays.  Thursdays are the most active days.  Most of the photos that I have shared on Mondays do really poorly, maybe around 200-250 “Likes”.  That’s with around 1650 followers as of this writing.  However, my most liked photos are the ones that I have uploaded on Thursdays and Fridays.  Then it would gradually go down as the week progresses.

I am not sure if there is an actual study on when is the most active days there is on Instagram.  I am very curious to find out about it if there was.

AAUUGHH!  Instagram addiction!

Until the next time then, talk to you all soon!


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