BB-8 : Classic TV Mr. Freeze is in the House.

…And one of the Stormtroopers gets a taste of what he can do!




That’s the LEGO Minifigure Classic TV Series Mr. Freeze, one of Batman’s enemy from the classic Batman TV series.  I got it for free as a promo for buying a set from the LEGO Store.  I just had to feature him because I find the design and the details on this minifigure to be fantastic!  The Freeze Gun with the backpack sold me out.

I have come to decide that I will buy all my LEGO stuff directly from LEGO Stores now instead of from Walmart or Toysrus.  The reason being is that I get to collect reward points for every purchase, which are converted to cash value that I can use later on to buy more stuff.  The only minor hitch about it is that the nearest LEGO Store is in a Calgary mall, which is around 40 kilometers away from Airdrie.  Either that or I buy directly online and wait patiently for it to ship.  Either way, I think it will help curb my spending too much on LEGO stuff because to regularly drive that far away or to wait too much for something to ship will not be a fun thing to do!

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!


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