BB-8 : LEGO Batman for the Win!

It’s quite obvious here which side my BB-8s are with.  Sorry, Supes.




Those are the Superman and Batman LEGO Minifigures based on the movie “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice”.  As of this writing, I have never seen the movie yet.  It’s getting quite some reviews of being not that good, considering the movie is about pitting two of the most popular comicbook characters.  I am on the skeptic side as well so it remains to be seen if I will love it or not come the day that I get to see it once it’s available on home video.

A confession: as of this writing too, I think this is the most I have spent on LEGO.  I still have a number of un-opened sets.  I sold my Nikon gear so I had a substantial amount of money that went into purchasing the LEGO sets that I have been wanting for for a long time.  To be honest, I feel overwhelmed by the number of boxes that I have of those right now, which also makes me happy in a way.

I am not so surprised anymore when I see other LEGO collectors showing off their haul of LEGO that they just bought.  In reality, you do get a lot compared to say if you are spending on other hobbies and turned to LEGO instead.  In my case, I used to be into Radio Controlled vehicles.  I had several of them in my collection for some time.  Each of those RC vehicles average around $500 each.  Imagind if I had spent those funds into LEGO instead; I probably need a whole room just to store them!

This is also the most LEGO I have collected so far, I think.  We shall see once I opened and put them all together in the end.

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!


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