BB-8 : Sheldon’s New Spot.

“This is definitely my spot now,” Sheldon Cooper declared.




A TV reference to that recurring thing in the show “The Big Bang Theory” where the character Sheldon Cooper has a spot on the couch in their apartment that no one else can sit one because it’s his “spot”.  He usually will admonish anyone who sits there by declaring, “You’re in my spot!”  Said sitter will be forced to leave the space in the couch as a result.

The sharp printing on the torso of this LEGO Sheldon Cooper Minifigure makes it really stand out!  However, I believe that only viewers of the show will recognize the shirt and know who the character is being represented here.  There’s so much LEGO could do to any LEGO Minifigure head to capture the likeness of a character.

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!


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