BB-8 : Bath Time!

Tiny little LEGO BB-8 gets a really good scrubbing from Sphero BB-8.




I had this idea for a while and decided to execute it.  It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be!

We had some bubble bath soap that I used but putting it on the figure itself was surprisingly difficult; the bubbles would cling to my fingers and would not let go.  Plus, the big bubbles would pop, leaving just the tiny ones, and even those would start popping right away.

I had to use my macro lens so I can take a much closer shot just to get the details on the bubbles.  Since getting sharp focus with the macro lens takes a number of attempts, I had to redistribute and apply more of the bubbles because they keep on popping and settling.

When it was all over and done, I was talking to myself saying, “the things I do for a shot!”

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!


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