BB-8 : Make Over.

Captain Phasma looking none too happy with the girls’ plan for a make-over!




This idea came about after I put together the LEGO Ideas The Big Bang Theory set.  The set includes these lipstick accessories.  As you Star Wars fans know, Captain Phasma is actually a woman  Stormtroooper, which gave me an idea of setting her up in such a way that the girls of TBBT (The Big Bang Theory) want to give her a make-over!

I had to use my Macro lens to be able to take a shot this close; the LEGO Minifigures are so tiny that it warrants it.  It’s amazing to me how the details on the minifigs stand out even more as I get closer.  A testament to the quality of LEGO products!

It would be interesting to me how this will fare on Instagram once I post it.  I had to say that because of this post:


The Bath Time scene generated over 600 likes for me as of this writing.  However, it dropped off significantly right after my next post, shown here:


As of this writing, that one has not even reached 300 likes.

It makes me wonder if the content and idea in the scene is what makes it popular on Instagram.  It’s hard for me to tell because sometimes what I think is a lame photo would fare really well, while the ones that I am expecting to be liked a lot does not.

I’ve also written in earlier posts that sometimes it is in the day of the week when you post that Instagram users are more active.  The Bath Time scene was posted on a Wednesday, which I have read somewhere to be the best day of the week to post for maximum exposure.  Who knows?

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!


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