BB-8 : A Selfie in Paris.

My little Droids visits Paris.  The Parisian Restaurant, that is.




What is a Parisian Restaurant?  It’s a big, big, BIG LEGO Creator set 10243!  I have been wanting to get one for myself and I finally did!




It took me around 16 hours to complete the build.  It has 2469 pieces so one can imagine how hard it is to sort through all those parts!  In fact, I had to learn a new approach in putting together a LEGO set that is as big as this one.  Previously, I would just tear open all the bags containing the bricks and seek the part that I need.  With this one, I had to sort all the bricks according to colour to make it easy to find a part because there were so many of them, especially the tiny ones!  It was all worth the effort once completed, though, and I had a really great time doing it!

The level of detail on this set is just outstanding to me.  There were build techniques that was totally new to me and made me marvel at how far LEGO has gone since the very first LEGO set that I put together almost 40 years ago.

I will surely feature more of this building in future posts, so stay tuned!

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!


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