Yamaha FGX700SC Acoustic Electric Guitar.

A video presentation of my Yamaha Acoustic/Electric Guitar.



I have been inspired to pick a guitar again and learn to play it.  I used to play with one; I even owned a number of acoustic and electric guitars back in the day.  I used to like to play hard rock songs, grunge, and even a bit of metal.  However, I felt like I never progressed in my skill level and got frustrated so I eventually stopped doing it and sold all my guitar.

Recently I have been into Worship Songs, mainly because I have been getting much closer to knowing God.

My wife and I regularly attend a Bible Study every Monday at my brother-in-law’s home.  Before each meeting, they would sing songs, singing along with the music playing on YouTube and sometimes even in acappella.

It was during those times that I found myself wanting to know God more after years of turning my back on Him and rejecting his Word and Teaching, even his Existence.  Going to the Bible Study opened my closed heart and have accepted Him eventually.

In a desire to give something back, I decided to volunteer and offer to try to play the guitar so that there would be some music backing the singing during every meeting.  I bought a really inexpensive guitar at first, an Epiphone Pro-1.  It was truly a beginner’s guitar.  To be honest, at first I was using the Bible Study as an excuse to buy one so my wife would approve the purchase, not knowing that I would eventually take it seriously!

After a couple of meetings of providing the music with that guitar, I soon had to urge to upgrade to a more worthy one.  After doing some research, I found the information about the Yamaha FG series.  It was not very expensive, and it had a solid top, which to my knowledge makes it sound better.  The Epiphone had a laminated top, so the tone coming out of it was a bit tinny.

When my wife and I went to a music store to check some guitars, I gravitated to the Yamaha FGX700SC.  There were other Yamaha FG guitars in the store and I have tried them to.  I actually wanted to get an FG700, which was slightly more affordable.  However, when I tried the FG700SC, I immediately fell in love with it, especially with how it sounds and plays.  It is more expensive than the FG700 mainly because it has built in electronics which allows the guitar to be plugged in to an acoustic amplifier.  It also had a built-in tuner, which is quite handy.

My wife gave her blessing to purchase the guitar knowing that I would pine for it should I settle for the non-electric one.  When I brought it home, I was full of joy as it really sounded great, especially compared to my Epiphone Pro-1!  I knew I made the right choice in picking it out of the other Yamaha guitars that I tried.

I got mine brand new, out-of-the-box, so the string action on the guitar was quite high and was very uncomfortable to play.  It hurt my fingers a lot!  Prior to this, I have researching a lot about guitars and learned that one has to be properly set up in order for it to be playable, and one of those set up procedures was to set the string action to be as low as possible so one does not have to press that hard for the strings to touch the frets.  I never knew this and wanted to have mine set up properly so I contacted a local luthier/guitar technician for him to perform his magic on my guitar.  When I got it back after a couple of days, my Yamaha played much easier.  My fingers still hurts a bit from all the playing and practice, but it was much better than when I first laid hands on it in the store.

I have since been playing music for our Bible Study Group.  My skill level is still not as good as other guitar players that I know, but I found that I am much passionate in singing these Worship Songs that with what music I was playing before.  It also felt more fulfilling to be singing songs of Praise to the Lord.

Until the next time then; God Bless you all and talk to you next time!


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