BB-8 : Best Sandwich Place in the Galaxy!

No wonder there’s always a line!




That’s my LEGO Corner Deli set 31050, a very affordable building if one wants something that is not as massive as, say, the LEGO Parisian Restaurant.  It’s also a 3-in-1 set, meaning it comes with 3 building instructions for 3 different models.  Quite a good value, in my opinion.

The mystery of my dwindling Likes on Instagram continues, as they have gone down again this past week after an average of 300 plus Likes the past two weeks.  I have close to 1900 followers as of this writing, so it boggles my mind why the Likes are going down.  I  like to think of it as those other followers are not as active as some.  That makes sense to me, as my avid Likers are toy photographers too.

I shouldn’t be obsessing about this thing, but somehow I am, as I have written about it before.  Oh well…

Until the next time; talk to you all soon!


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