BB-8 : “Do try and keep up, Artoo!”

Droids out for a Monday ride.




That LEGO Scooter is from my LEGO Parisian Restaurant set and I really think it is cute, especially when a Droid is riding it!

Have you also noticed something special in the presentation above?  Aww, I guess only a true LEGO fanatic will spot it.  Seen it yet?

Okay, I will spill the beans: It’s R2-D2’s third leg.  Yup, a standard LEGO R2-D2 Minifigure does not come with that third leg; I fashioned one using a stud and a white roof tile.  I got the idea from the internet.  I had to order those spare parts just to make one directly from LEGO, though, because I didn’t have the right parts, especially that white tile roof.

As of this writing, I am close to 2000 followers on Instagram, yet the “Likes” on my posts is gradually going down.  I know, another Instagram rant, right?  I am just so curious about it.  I do have around 250 active followers and I wonder where are the rest.  Back when I achieved 1500 followers, my photos were getting, like, 350 plus likes for a week.  But then when I breached 1700, it started to wane.  It makes me question if they are getting tired of me posting exclusively with a Sphere BB-8 theme.  Oh well…

Snap out of it, Randy!  You are doing this for yourself,  not for others!  I better keep telling myself that!

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!


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