BB-8 : Passed Out Bounty Hunter.

“Well, somebody can’t seem to hold their liquor!” Han slurred to a passed out Boba Fett.




Oh how I used to be like this back in the days when I was basking in liquor!  Oh, youth!

But those days are gone now.  I don’t think I myself can hold my alcohol!

As of this writing, I’ve been constantly getting unfollowed on my Instagram account.  I am this close to getting to 2000 followers, but curiously I’ve been stuck at around 1970.  I’ve been gaining a couple of followers daily, but so am I getting unfollowed, which makes me scratch my head and wonder why.

I do have around 250 who are my dedicated followers and to whom I am also dedicated to.  These are my fellow toy photographers and I like looking at their fantastic images as they inspire me to work on mine.

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!


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