BB-8 : How Low can You Go?

First Order Limbo Rock Contest!




I thought this idea would be funny so I set up a scene out of it.  It was a challenge to pose the limbo-rocking Stormtrooper because of the limited range of articulation that a LEGO Minifigure had.  I un-popped both its legs from its joints so I can pose them like so.  I would have lowered the bar even more, but I wanted to show what space is left between it and the helmet.

It’s details like those that I think about and look for when I set up a scene.  Being an Animator, I was trained to make sure that the action is very clear to see.  I always challenge myself to come up with something that can stand up on its own without the need for a caption to explain what’s happening when seen by a viewer.

On another note, I ordered a set of extension tubes for my lenses.  The tubes hopefully will help me shoot more closer to my subjects.  Extension tubes helps lenses focus much closer.

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!

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