BB-8 : Aspiring Artist.

Capturing the image of the Droids in “Still Life”.




When I run out of ideas for my photo scenes, I would look into my LEGO collection to see if there’s any that I can use.  These particular accessories, the painting, paint brush and pallette, are from my LEGO Parisian Restaurant set.

Often times an idea would not work for me.  I would spend minutes setting it up and taking the photo, but once I have it loaded into my computer and I start post-processing it, it gets critiqued.  Most end up getting deleted for lack of clarity in story-telling.  Some squeeze by just because I am so busy that I desperately need something to upload.  There would be occassions where I am pretty happy with it that I can’t wait to share it, like this one.

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!

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