BB-8 : Going Off-Road.

BB-8 and Rey find themselves in some very rocky environment.  This is very un-like Jakku!




I did some yardwork yesterday. I converted a 40′ x 6′ feet side perimenter part of our house into gravel.  All by my lonesome.

I have been neglecting that part of our yard, so the grass has dried out in some parts and weeds have taken over.

To convert it into gravel, I elected to cover what’s left of the grass with cardboard and then laid landscape fabric barrier on top of it before covering everything with some washed rock.

I started out at 8AM and got it done at around 4PM.   Unfurling the cardboards were quite the chore.  Shovelling gravel and transporting it to the location via wheelbarrow was the most hard-labor work I have ever done since I moved to Canada.

I was not able to think of any ideas for a scene, so I just went out and took this shot of a portion of our new gravel yard.

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!


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