BB-8 : Routine Droid Maintenance.

BB-8 gets some TLC from the Stormtroopers Maintenance Division.




I just wanted to write about how exceptionally well my previous post fared on my Instagram account.

As of this writing, this image had 700 likes:



As of this writing, I have around 2400 followers.  I usually average around 250-300 likes with those numbers.  I guess 700 of my 2400 followers were quite active that day.

I also gained a lot of followers because of this image.

It sure is a head-scratcher to me on how images on Instagram are curated, if they ever were.  I read somewhere that one of the updates Instagram made was to show very popular images first on other user’s feed.  Maybe mine became quite popular that it showed on a lot of feeds.  Me don’t know.

Interesting for me to see how the present image will fare.  Will report my findings soon.

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!


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