BB-8 : On Stilts.

BB-8 learning how to walk on stilts.




Oh boy, ideas are really getting hard to come by these days!  This scene is just something I whipped up at the last minute.  I often wonder how BB-8 would look if it tried to “walk” instead of “rolling”.

Things have returned into normality of some sort in my Instagram account.  The image I uploaded yesterday only got the average 300 likes that I normally get as compared to this image that is head-scratchingly is almost up to a thousand likes.

Why am I so obsessed about the number of likes my images are getting?  As of this writing, I have reached over 2500 followers.  You would expect to get the same number of likes on every images, like?  Apparently only a small amount of those followers are actively doing that; the others might be just ghost accounts.  Who knows?

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!


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