BB-8 : High-Flying Kendo Action!

There’s some intense action going at the BB-8 Kendo Dojo!




A re-hash of a previous idea featuring the LEGO “Kendo Fighter” Minifigure.  I just like the idea of BB-8 holding kendo sticks.  I wanted to pose the Droid in a defensive, about-to-strike stance and made the Kendo Fighter appear to be flying down to strike.

I also like the effect that the gold-coloured posterboard makes when I use it.  There’s a glare caused by the reflection of the light at the point where the posterboard bends up and I wished I could control that effect better so I can position the glare better, say just in level with where the suspended LEGO Minifigure is.  Oh, and Photoshop was used to magically edit out the support for that Minifig to make appear to fly.

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!


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