BB-8 : Skateboard Tricks!

Showing them how it’s done!




When I first tried to make it appear that BB-8 was floating in the air, I was pulling my hair out in frustration!  The Sphere BB-8 is not a light toy, so suspending it using wires and masking tape was a trial-and-error affair.  The masking tape would not hold on for longer and the Droid kept on falling.  It was only later when I figured out just where I  should tape the wires to his body did I gain success.  I had a much quicker setup this time around because of that.

I find it really amusing that BB-8 would use a skateboard.  The design of the droid is in such a way that it’s body serves as its mode of locomotion; spherically, it rolls around.  To put it in a scenario where it’s trying to do things anthromorphically makes me laugh!

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!


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