BB-8 : Rey encounters Kylo Ren!

“So, you’re the girl everyone is talking about!”  Threatens Kylo Ren.




I finally added the main baddie of the movie “The Force Awakens”.  Presenting, Kylo Ren!

This LEGO Minifigure comes in the LEGO Star Wars “Battle on Takodona” Set 75139.  It’s the most inexpensive way to get this Minifigure.

It made sense for me to get the set so I can have the Minifigure because Kylo Ren is one of the most significant new character in the new Star Wars Saga.  He’s the perfect counter to the LEGO Rey, who is the main Protagonist this time.

I added the lightsaber FX using Photoshop.

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!


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