BB-8 : Relaxing Weekend.

Taking it easy this weekend to catch up on a favorite book to read.




As of this writing, the writer of “Harry Potter” book saga has released another book.  It is sort of a continuation of the Harry Potter story, albeit an adaptation of a play.

I used to be a Harry Potter fan, but I sort of outgrew it quickly after the last book of the saga was released.

Going into this weekend, I am a bit disappointed with my Instagram Account.  As of this writing, I am over 3000 followers.  However, the “Likes” that I got from a recently uploaded image that I worked so hard on was not what I expected.  When I was this close to 3K followers, my daily average of “Likes” was averaging 400-450.  The moment I crossed 3K, everything dropped to 275-300.

I am sure regular readers will say, “there he goes again complaining about his Instagram account and the ratio of his followers and likers”.  It’s just that it’s a head-scratcher to me.  I have to say it again: most of those 3K followers are probably just ghost/inactive accounts.

Hey, this is what blogs are for: a place to personally rant!

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!


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