BB-8 : Skinny Dipping.

“Come on in…the water’s just fine!”




Writing more about how I am getting less “Likes” on my recent Instagram uploads when I have over 3000 followers.

I am only averaging around 250-300 “Likes” right after I reached the 3K mark.  Previously it was around 350-400.

Was it because the Olympics is currently ongoing and all folk’s attention is there?  I don’t think so.  Well, at least in my circle of family and friends, they’re not into it.

The same thing is happening on my Flickr page too.  My latest upload only garnered 50 views!  That’s with more than 2K following!  What’s going on?

I rant because I care dearly about how people react to the images I present.  I put a lot of work in these images so that I can come up with a really interesting scene.  It’s not political or radical, just amusing.  When I see a dip in reactions, it really feels like a blow to my ego.

Oh well, might as well just take it in strides.  Which is why the above scene is what it is: I will just make what pleases me and not worry about what others think.  Positive thinking about this whole thing from now on!

Until the next time then; talk to you soon!


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