BB-8 : Hula Hoop Showdown!

It’s Droid versus Stormtrooper in an epic hula hooping showdown!




It may look easy, but it was pretty challenging to get those hoops to p0se.  I was using blu-tac/reusable adhesive putty to try and keep the hoops in place, but their weight kept pulling them down off the figures.  The moment they stayed in place, I immediately took the shot.

Quite proud of myself for getting this far of uploading photos on a daily basis since November.  I might compile all my BB-8 images in one book and call it “365 Days of BB-8” at the end of this year, starting with the photo I uploaded last January 1.  Hopefully I will not jinx it now that I mentioned the streak!

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!

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