BB-8 : Friday is Crunch Time!

Trying to finish up as much work as one can so that one can enjoy the upcoming long weekend!




I can imagine myself being like this during Fridays, just so I can spend more free time during the weekend.  Unfortunately, I still have to work over the weekend, me being a free-lance Animator.  No complaints though; I totally love what I do, so I would not trade it for any camping trip!

Labour Day weekend is upon us here in Canada.  My Wife and I actually planned a five-day trip to Vancouver and Seattle over the weekend, but my workload was too much and missing out on five days at work would be detrimental to me meeting deadlines that I had to beg off.  Wife went with my in-laws, so I am glad I did not hinder her plans in any way.

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!


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