BB-8 : BB-8 versus BB-8 Kendo Sparring!

Droid Kendo Training continues, now including the Little One!




I just love creating these “Kendo Training” scenes with BB-8!  I’ve never featured the LEGO BB-8 Minifigure before and found just recently found a way on how to make it hold a Kendo stick.  With the addition of some Photoshop Magic, it turned out great, in my opinion!

I also recently figured out how to suspend my Sphero BB-8 in mid-air.  Previously I wrote about this frustration because the steel wires that I was using for suspension was very thin.  Well, I bought some really thick gauge steel wires recently and was able to find a perfect way to hang Sphere BB-8 in the air now.  Here’s an unedited shot of a scene I recently posted:




The new wire support is so thick that it can truly hold my heavy Sphero BB-8.  I can also re-do the pose anytime I want too; placing BB-8 on top of the fashioned wire is such a breeze!  I am very happy with it and will have no qualms anymore on making BB-8 appear to “fly”.

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!


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