BB-8 : A Game of Hopscotch.

Enjoying the last remaining days of Summer while they can!




A continuation of my outdoor theme!

It sure is a challenge setting up in the outdoors, especially if I wanted to make something appear to be jumping.  Here’s the unedited version:



As you can see, I had to do a lot of post-processing work to bring in more light.  I guess that is why I like doing indoor set-ups more because I can have complete control of my lighting, albeit artificially.

Photoshop has been a great tool for me lately, especially when it comes to editing out wire supports from the final image.  The fact that the placement of said wire support in the image above was not thought through very well made it quite tricky; I should have made sure to not let the wires cross the chalk outlines.  However, Photoshop’s content-aware feature made editing the wire out a breeze.

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!


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