BB-8 : Sphero Battle-Worn BB-8.

Unboxing the new SPHERO BATTLE-WORN BB-8!


This is the new version of Sphero’s  App-Enabled BB-8.  It’s now available at

The wonderful folks at Sphero sent me one!  I received the package yesterday:


They even wrote a very cool note stating how I could use a new subject for my photography:


The packaging of the product is outstanding, just like the previous version, only better.  Here is the outer box with the big Sphero logo”

Here is the main packaging, which has really great graphics and printing”


The version that I got is the Special Edition, which means that it also comes with the new Force Band wrist controller.

Battle-Worn BB-8 is encased in a really cool tin box, which is in itself is a collectible’s dream:


And as you can see in the very first image above, Battle-Worn BB-8 is nicely packaged with form-fitting foam.

The Force Band is the new way for you to control BB-8.  Previously, it’s using an app on your smartphone.  Now you can use gestures while wearing the Force Band on your wrists to control BB-8:


The new Battle-Worn BB-8 looks great!  It has a matte finish, which is different from the original Sphero BB-8 with it’s glossy surface.  The makers of the product at Sphero mentioned how it makes this version of BB-8 more “movie-accurate” and I totally agree!  Early on I can tell how great it photographs really well; the matte-texture does not reflect light too much compared to the glossy surface of the original version.

I would like to thank all the awesome guys and gals at Sphero for sending me one.  They even made sure that I received on Force Friday, which was yesterday!  You all can imagine how delighted I was when I unexpectedly found a package at my doorstep that day.

Expect more of this new version of BB-8!

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!


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