BB-8 : A Closer Look.

Too tall that it needs a buddy to give a boost for a closer look.




LEGO Star Wars K-2SO Buildable Figures Set 75120.

It’s taller that I thought it would be!

K-2SO is a new Droid character from the new upcoming movie, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” that’s due for release this coming December.  It’s a spin-off movie of the Star Wars Saga.

This Droid character is fast becoming a favourite subject amongst Toy Photographers on Instagram.  There are other action figures of the character and I couldn’t resist jumping on the band-wagon by getting myself the LEGO version, which is from the “Buildable Figures” series.

It’s my first LEGO buildable figure and I was pleasantly surprised at how tall the figure came out after putting it all together.  It made sense because the actual movie character is indeed a towering figure.  The LEGO version scales really well with my Sphero BB-8.

It’s only when I got to photograph this figure that I realized how challenging it was to take a photo of something that’s black in colour.  Lighting proves to be a factor for a great result, so I shall be experimenting on some in upcoming posts.

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!


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