BB-8 : Tennis Lessons.

Practicing how to serve the ball!




Those tennis racquets are from the LEGO Athletes Minifigure Collection set that are a ToysRUs limited edition exclusive giveaways.  How I got two of them if they were limited edition are as follows:

It was my birthday yesterday!  It also happened that I got some royalty money from a photo that I was able to sell on Flickr.  I decided to use that money to buy a couple of LEGO sets from ToysRUs, which happens to be marking down a number of them at 20% discounts!

I ordered them online so I could use the royalty money to pay for it (money was received via PayPal).  When I came over to the store to pick the items up, I asked the clerk if I was getting the LEGO Minifigure giveaways.  She said I could, of course, even if the order was made online (the promotion was for in-store purchases only).  The giveaway for this week was for a “Cops & Robbers” theme set, but I had my eye on the “Athletes” set right from the start because of those tennis racquets, so when she handed me the “Cops & Robbers” set, I asked her if it is possible to get the “Athletes” instead.  She said sure and handed my what I asked for, but she let me take the other one too!

I was ecstatic!  I thanked her profusely, telling her how she made me happy on my birthday!  As I walked away, I thought maybe I could ask her to replace for me the “Cops & Robbers” one that she gave me extra for another “Athletes” set so I can get a pair of the tennis racquets.  So I walked back and asked her if she would do that for me.  She did, and that’s how I walked out of ToysRUs with two “Athletes” sets!

That truly made my day!  On my birthday even!  Oh, and now I have a number of LEGO sets that are just waiting to be built that I will feature soon!

On another front, I would like to write about how another Instagram user, who also takes photos of Sphero BB-8 but with a travel theme, asking if I would like to collaborate with him/her.

This Instagram user has more than 10K followers.  He/she wants to feature my photos saying that it would help me get more exposure.

I decided not the reply back. I am okay if somebody reposts my photos and give me credit, but sometimes it only ends up with the other user getting all the views and I only get a trickle of them, which only helps the other end and ending up with me feeling bad about it because I did all the hard work.

What makes me feel good is when Sphero reposts my photos!  Now that I will allow!

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!


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