BB-8 : Adding the Finishing Touches.

Completing the assembly!




That’s the LEGO Technic “Race Kart” set 42048 that I got as a birthday gift for myself a few days ago.

I have always liked the Technic series, which is LEGO’s more technical and advance line of buildable toys.  I shall make a full reveal of this one soon!

On another note:  Instagram continues to confuse me.  From getting almost 700 likes a day, everything suddenly dropped to just 380 likes in just one week.  I am not sure if people are not liking my photos that much anymore.  To think that I am close to getting 4K followers.  That’s more than a thousand!  Apparently, only a small percentage of those followers are active.  Either that, or they are getting tired of my photos.

This makes me a bit sad because I put a lot of effort to each scene that I post.  In fact, I was expecting a lot more after posting this one.  Curiously, that’s when the likes started dropping.

Oh well, here I go again with my obsession on getting Instagram likes!

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!


One thought on “BB-8 : Adding the Finishing Touches.

  1. I appreciate BB8 more after I re-watched the movie The Force Awakens. I am a bit embarrassed to admit that the first time I saw it, I could not make heads and tails of the story. I was falling asleep several times. Shame on me!

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