BB-8 : Nice Day for a Ride!

The weather is always perfect in LEGO land!


Contrary to the bitter and snowy weather outside at the moment, the weather in my desktop city is always perfect!

I must let you all know how difficult it was to balance my Sphero BB-8 on that LEGO Bicycle.  I originally wanted him to be riding the scooter, but because the Sphero is so heavy that it kept on tipping backwards!  I tried suspending BB-8 on wires, but just could not get it to hang on.  Finally, I tried to let him ride the bicycle and I got the same result.  It was only when I added that red “seat post” that the Sphero BB-8’s weight got centered, allowing me to balance it.  I used Photoshop to edit out the LEGO Bicycle’s “feet”, making it appear that it is truly upright!

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!


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