BB-8 : Their Last Journey Together.

As their story comes to a close, a new chapter opens…


365 photos of BB-8 all-in-all.  2016 being a Leap Year, there will be 366 by tomorrow.

I am quite relieved and proud that I made it to the end of this project.  I mentioned before that I had tried to do a “365 Days” project numerous times before but never succeeded.  Somehow, this Sphero BB-8 gave me the opportunity to finally be able to complete one.

Through the course of this year my Instagram account grew from a handful of followers to 4600.  Most of those are ghost accounts, I am sure, but about 500 of them may have become avid fans of my work.  Some of them I’ve come to know by the style of their own toy photography and some I have even called “friend” just because of their constant kind comments.  I have no immediate plans on how to follow up with what I am just about to achieve here, so I feel a bit sad that I might not be active on Instagram anymore.  I will surely miss the toy community that I found there.

Onwards!  One more to go and it’s goodbye to year 2016!

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!


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