BB-8 : Getting Chummy with the Harley.

The Harley Quinn, that is!




It’s Harley Quinn, a villian/anti-hero from Batman.  She usually is the sidekick/partner/lover of the Joker, as to my limited knowledge.

Now in LEGO Minifigure form, I think she’s the most colourful of them all, and she’s become one of my favourites!

Now for some ranting and rambling…

I wrote in a previous post wondering how this image would fare on Instagram:




Sure enough, it was received miserably, in my opinion.  Only just over 200 Likes as of this writing.  Maybe there is truth that there are days on Instagram that one’s image gets more like than other days.

Now it has become an obsession of mine to find out how many Likes my photos get.  When one does not garner the same attention as the others makes me feel a bit down, especially after all the effort that I took to come up with a unique idea, executing it, editing it and then posting it.

It was the same feeling that I used to have when I was very active on Flickr doing my Danbo Photography.  There’s this discouraging feeling anytime a photo does not fare well.

I do understand that maybe folks are not actively on the internet that day.  In my case with Instagram, I have over 1800 followers as of this writing.  Where were the other 1600?

LOL just some ramblings!

Until the next time then; talk to you all soon!


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